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Find a bundle that's right for you. Discount available for beef picked up at our Reinholds, PA shop.

All Natural Beef Group
(Antibiotic and Hormone Free)

Feed Type: Barnyard raised on Corn, Barley, and Mineral mix. No fed any unusual by-products like you find in commodity system beef. 

Treatment: No Hormones, No Antibiotics

Breed: Angus/Holstein Cross, Angus, Hereford.


  • Our most economical option, its a great starting point for families making the switch from grocery store meats.

  • The most tender Steaks and Roasts of our 3 options. While the others are roaming around the meadow, these beef are relaxing in the barnyard, happily eating their fill.

  • Raised without the use of Hormones or Antibiotics that are present in grocery store beef.

  • A very consistent product, with the shortest lead times after ordering.

  • Lots of flavor, excellent marbling in steaks (USDA Grade Choice or better, See photo)

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