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Non-GMO Pastured Beef

3 Season Pasture, and Fed Non-GMO Grain
Free from Vaccines, Antibiotics, and added Hormones

Choose the beef share thats right for you...

Give the Butcher Shop Your Cutting Instructions

The Short Version: 

  • These animals graze on pasture, and are supplemented with a grain ration, that contains Non-GMO Corn and Soybeans. (This means the feed doesn't contain traces of glyphosate)

  • A good choice if you have personal health goals, but do not care for the flavor of Grassfed/finished Beef.

  • Vaccine Free, Antibiotic Free, and No Added Hormones.

  • ​Available as Shares or Bundle Boxes year round!


What will I receive?

  • QUARTERS: 95 lbs of Meat!

  • HALVES: 190 lbs of Meat!

  • Whole Beef: 390 lbs of Meat!

(We offer "Mixed Quarters" that contains cuts from both front & rear of the animal.

Estimate based on 610 lb hanging weight average, actual size may vary 10% )

Includes the following:

This list assumes 1" thick steaks, and 3 lb Roasts.

Some variation may occur due to differences in individual animals

  • 6 Ribeye Steaks (Delmonicos) or 2 Prime Rib Roasts

  • 4 T-bone & 2 Porterhouse Steaks or 6 NY Strips & 4-6 Filet Mignon

  • 3 Sirloin Steaks

  • 1 Flat Iron Steak

  • 2 Chuck Roasts

  • 1 each: Bottom Round Roast, Top Round Roast (London Broil), Sirloin Tip Roast

  • 1/2 of a Brisket

  • 1-2 Short Ribs

  • Flank or Skirt Steak

  • 35-40 Lbs of Ground Beef: May be packaged in 1 lb or 2 lb Bags. 

  • ​If you want to reduce the amount of ground beef, you may select items such as Burger Patties, Hot Dogs, Snack Sticks, or Sweet Bologna.​​

  • You may also select: Jerky, Stew Cubes, Chipped Beef, Soup Bones, & Marrow Bones

What is the cost?

  • Quarter of Beef: $900.00

    • Around $9.70 per lb all-in cost [with processing fee's]. $4.60/ lb hanging weight.

  • Half Beef:           $1,750.00

    • Around $9.30 per lb all-in cost [with processing fee's], $ 4.40/lb hanging weight.

  • Whole Beef:       $3,350.00

    • Around $8.99 per lb all-in cost with processing fee's], $ 4.20/lb hanging weight

​(includes your choice of Steaks and Roasts in vacuum seal bags, Ground Beef in burger bags. Patties and processed items are extra cost)

  • What do your "All Natural Grain Fed" cattle eat?
    Corn Silage (chopped green corn stalks), High Moisture Corn (ground and fermented corn kernels) and Ground Barley that are grown on our Farm! They are also given Salt and Mineral supplement to encourage healthy growth and help the animals feel comfortable. This results in the very familiar and delicious "Grain Finished" flavor that you know from the supermarket, but without antibiotics and hormones added. This makes our "All Natural Grain Fed" beef an excellent starting point your journey to cleaner eating! They are never given odd "waste" feeds like many local commodity system producer neighbors. (we have heard of people feeding large quantity's of cheap excess goods like: mashed potatoes, peanut butter, ramen noodles, coffee grounds, and even chocolate floor sweepings filled with plastic wrapper pieces. Gross)
  • Do you use Antibiotics or Hormone Supplements on your cattle?
    No, we do not use any hormones or antibiotics on our cattle we offer as meat sales to the public. In necessary cases, we may use antibiotics to treat a sick animal, but those animals no longer qualify as "Antibiotic & Hormone free" and at no point enter our inventory. Unqualified cattle are sold at auction or to larger packers that supply grocery stores and restaurants.
  • Why is your beef priced higher than grocery store beef?
    Cost of animal: Since the Spring of 2023 (due to ongoing droughts in the Mid Western USA), live cattle market price at New Holland Sales Stables (New Holland, PA) has risen dramatically, and as a result our cattle are worth more. Farmers would much rather ship their finished cattle to auction, as it is MUCH easier than cultivating a brand and dealing with customers. So a higher retail price is what needs to happen to incentivize us to sell to you, instead at the cattle auction.
  • How are your animals treated?
    Our animals are treated humanely and are raised in a low-stress, natural environment. We prioritize low-stress livestock handling, and select docile animals (because it's lower stress on us as well, we dislike wild and worked up cattle). We also use our sister company's (same ownership as Keystone Cattle Co) Mobile Slaughter Service for all of our 1/4, 1/2, and whole animal shares! (For bundle boxes we must take animals to our local USDA inspected processor) Mobile Slaughter produces SUPERIOR quality beef, because the animal is calm and comfortable in its own surroundings, right up to the point of dispatch. More info at
  • What Meat Processor do you use?
    For all of our 1/4, 1/2, and Whole beef shares (in store pickup only), we use our our sister company "Mountain Mobile Processing" (same ownership as Keystone Cattle Co). These animals are able to be processed on farm by myself and crew. This yields SUPERIOR quality beef, as the animal never gets stressed from trucking, but is comfortable in its own environment until the very moment of dispatch. This is how we first started filling peoples freezers in 2019, and remains our favorite way to serve family's! The beef in our bundle boxes is prepared more traditionally, as we must use our local USDA butcher: Hi-Way Meat Market in order to comply with regulations. My Grandmother used to stop there in the 1960's! They have an excellent reputation for cleanliness & food safety, and our crew helps out there from time to time. -Derek
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