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Deposit: $200 downpayment for a whole Barn Raised, Vaccine Free,  Non-Gmo Fed, Heritage Breed Hog. Yields 150 lbs of pork for your freezer. Your choice of cuts and sausage at the butcher!

We are currently using Berkshire breed hogs, known for their excellent growth and fat quality.


Your can receive the following amounts, depending on the cutting instructions you give our butcher (Mountain Man Mobile Processing):


-20 lbs of Nitrite-Free Bacon

-30 lbs bone-in ham, or 18 lbs of boneless ham.

-15 lbs of pork chops, pork loin roasts, or canadian bacon (you may select 2 options)

-30-40 lbs of sausage. Our butchershop lets you pick 2-3 different kinds per hog!

-25 lbs of roasts and ribs.



Remainder due at time of pickup, no shipping available currently for this product.

Usually around $430.00 total for the hog portion.

(processing paid separately) 

Deposit: Whole Barn Raised, Vaccine Free Hog

Ready for pickup within 6 weeks of placing your order!
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