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153 Bensing Rd. Reinholds, PA

Non-Gmo Pastured
(Antibiotic and Hormone Free)


  • This is great for people who want high quality pastured beef, but like steaks with plenty of marbling and tasty fat!

  • Pasture time equals the rich, traditional beef flavor our grandparents grew up eating.

  • This beef is more lean than our All Natural option, but has more fat than the Grassfed.

  • An excellent option for people who would like to eat healthier, but are not ready for Grassfed.

Availability: Order anytime, pickup March/April 2023.

Feed Type: Year round pasture with Non-Gmo Feed (contains Non-Gmo Corn and Non-Gmo Soybeans grown in Lancaster County, PA)

Treatment: Pasture Raised, No Hormones, No Antibiotics

Breed: Angus and Hereford.

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