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This is a great way to sample our most popular sausage flavors, especially if you are thinking about buying a hog share! (Buying a bundle box saves you $$, retail price for individual items is over $92.00)


Made from our Barn Raised, Non-GMO fed, Heritage Breed Hogs, which are free from Vaccines, Antibiotics, and Added Hormones. Raised on deep litter in the hog barn for more efficient, year round production that our woods raised system cannot match.

This is an excellent way to upgrade your food supply, without breaking the bank.


Definition of Hog Share: a 1/2 or whole hog, purchased ahead of time. Dont worry, we will handle the butchering as well! This is a much lower price per lb, and is what we are most passionate about! See pork shares page)

10 lb Sausage Sampler Bundle (Barn Raised, Vaccine Free Pork)

  • - 2 lbs of Mild Country Rope Sausage

    - 2 lbs of Fresh Rope Sausage (also known as "Salt and Pepper only")

    - 2 lbs of Sweet Italian Rope Sausage

    - 2 lbs of Sage Breakfast Sausage 

    - 2 lbs of our Chipped Ham (Fully cooked lunch meat, ready to eat!)

    All items are free from Nitrites & Nitrates, except that which naturally occurs in celery salt.

    The Rope sausage has a Natural Hog Casing, and the Breakfast Sausage has a Beef Colagen Casing.

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