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Now Taking Deposits for FALL 2024 PICK UP


Deposit: $150 downpayment for a Woods Raised, Vaccine Free,  Non-Gmo Fed, Heritage Breed Hog.

Yields 65 lb of pork for your freezer. Your choice of cuts and sausage at the butcher!

We are currently using Large Black/Berkshire crosses, known for their excellent fat flavor and texture!


Your can receive the following amounts, depending on the cutting instructions you give our butcher (Mountain Man Mobile Processing):


-10 lbs of Nitrite-Free Bacon

-15 lbs bone-in ham, or 9 lbs of boneless ham.

-8 lbs of pork chops, pork loin roasts, or canadian bacon (you may select 2 options)

-15-20 lbs of sausage. Our butchershop lets you pick up to 2 different kinds per 1/2 hog!

-12 lbs of roasts and ribs.



Remainder due at time of pickup, no shipping availible currently for this product.

Usually around $415.00 total for the hog portion.

(processing paid separately) 

Deposit: 1/2 of a Woods Raised, Vaccine Free Hog

Order anytime and pickup September of 2024!
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