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This 40 lb bundle includes all of the tasty cuts and ground beef contained in our smaller boxes, but we throw in a free extra to sweeten the deal, not to mention the lowest price per pound on a bundle that contains steaks! Every item is from our Grassfed and Finished Beef (No Grain, Ever. Antibiotic and Hormone Free).

Free Grassfed Extras available to choose from:

  • Beef Soup bones: approx 2-3 lbs (lots of meat, perfect for broth)
  • Beef Tallow (kidney fat, great for hand lotion, or making suet for birds)
  • Beef Liver (1 lb of nutrient dense Beef Liver)
  • 1/2 Beef Heart (A Pennsylvania Dutch Favorite)



Grassfed beef is a great choice for folks looking to improve their health, and use their dollars to promote Regenerative farming practices. Buying Grassfed Beef is the way to encourage farmers to raise perennial grasses, instead of tilling their ground every year & monocropping.


We source our Grassfed & Finished Beef from Pennsylvania Farmers who understand the benifit these cattel have on the land when rotationally grazed, mimicing the wild bison herds that used to roam here.


All of our farmers are EXCELLENT at raising cattle, but find marketing to be a challenge.

It makes me so pround to be the connecting link between you and these incredibly hard working individuals- Derek


PS. Follow Keystone_cattle_co on instagram for updates on our farming adventures

40 lb Farmers Favorite: Grassfed/Finished Beef

  • Contains the following items:

    • 12 lbs of 90/10 Ground Beef (1 lb packs, single animal source)
    • 8 lbs of Plain 1/4 lb Beef Patties (16 patties)
    • 4 Slow Cook Roasts (our choice of: chuck, bottom/top round, or sirloin tip) 
    • 4 "Tier One" Steaks (1" thick Ribeye, T-bone, or Porterhouse)
    • 4 Large or 8 Small "Tier Two" Steaks (Chuck Eye, Flat Iron, or a Top Sirloin Variant)
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