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This 40 lb bundle includes all of the tasty items contained in our smaller boxes, but we throw in a few extras to sweeten the deal, not to mention the lowest price per pound on a Barn Raised bundle!


Barn Raised (on deep litter, not slats), Vaccine Free, Non-Gmo Grain Fed, Heritage Breed hogs. These hogs and their feed are grown in Lititz, PA by the Jonathan Breneman Family! (Pictured)


We have been buying hogs (and our non-gmo steer & hog feed) from Jonathan since 2020, and are proud to have this time tested product on our website.


This is a GIANT step in quality above grocery store (commodity system) pork.

The bacon is fattier, and the chops have much more flavor.


This is Derek and Eric's Favorite Pick For Families because it is the best value of any product we offer!


Free Extras available (your choice at checkout):

  • Pork Soup bones: approx 2-3 lbs (lots of meat, perfect for broth)
  • Pork Lard (Rendered pork fat, great for baking, frying, or hand lotion)

40 lb Farmers Favorite: Barn Raised, Vaccine Free Pork

Back in stock May 4th, 2024.
  • Contains the following items:

    • 4 lbs of our own Nitrite-Free Bacon
    • 4 Roasts: Bone-in 2-3 lb (Boston Butt or Picnic)
    • 8 Bone-in Pork Chops (cut 3/4" thick)
    • 8 lbs of Rope Sausage (Natural Hog Casing)
    • 8 lbs of Breakfast Sausage Links (Beef collagen casing)
    • 4-6 lbs of Nitrite-Free Chipped Ham (fully cooked, excellent for cold or hot sandwiches)
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