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Ground Beef is a big hit because of its versatility. This grind is from our "Pastured with Non-GMO Grain" Herd,  single animal source, approx 85/15 fat/lean ratio. 


As always, all of our beef is Antibiotic & Hormone Free!


Packaged in 1 lb packs, this is a bit more lean than our "All Natural" beef, but contains more fat than the "Grassfed/Finished".

 Our animals mature slowly and have a rich beefly flavor as a result. Grocery store feedlot cattle that have been given estrogen hormone implants and antibiotics mature very quickly, but have less flavor and nutrition as a result. 


Comes in 1 lb Vacuum Sealed bags will keep meat fresh for over a year!


Note from Derek: I personally own most of the cattle in this herd, because this is what my mother & father like for their own freezer. My Mom is the reason for my interest in wholesome foods (I was homeschooled for 12 grades!), and continues to be a big part of my inspiration for this business!


Plain Ground Beef: Pastured Non-GMO

PriceFrom $80.00
  • Comes frozen in 1 lb vacuum sealed bags:


    Bonus! Free Ribeye Steak included when you order one of the following (Valid til Feb 10th):

    • 10 lb Plain Ground Beef Box
    • 20 lb Plain Ground Beef Box
    • 40 lb Plain Ground Beef Box
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