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We have a limited availability of Organic Beef this Summer!

(If you are reading this, it is still available)

Pickup is June 22-25th, 2024. Place Deposit now to secure your order.

Get 2 lbs of Pork Sausage FREE if you place a Beef Share Deposit before March 31st.


Get your name on the list for our "Grassfed" (Grass fed & Grass finished, No Grain Ever, Free from Vaccines, Antibiotics, & added Hormones) Beef Whole Animal Share!

(This Non-Refundable deposit is required for each share, and the full amount will be credited to your final invoice)


Get all the cuts you want, as you will not have to share when you order a whole cow!


Personally pick your favorites by submitting a cut sheet with our sister company (our butcher shop):  "Mountain Man Mobile Processing"


These Grassfed Whole Beef Shares are typically available from May to November, when grass is growing fast. We sell 12+ of these animals per year, so we usually have some ready for pickup within 2-3 months.


Current total cost may be viewed under the  section on the 1/4 & 1/2 Share Page.


If you would rather send a check by USPS, use the same deposit amount, and send to the following:


Keystone Cattle Company

153 Bensing Rd.

Reinholds, PA 17569

Organic Grass-fed Beef: Whole Deposit

Next available pickup window: June 22-25th
  • Whole beef may be picked up during business hours listed on our site. (Shipping currently only available for bundle boxes)

    Farm Store Location:

    153 Bensing Rd. Reinholds PA 17569

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