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This 40 lb bundle includes all of the tasty items contained in our smaller boxes, but we throw in a few extras to sweeten the deal, not to mention the lowest price per pound on a Woods Raised bundle!

Every item is from our Vaccine Free, Woods Raised, Non-Gmo Grain Fed, Heritage Hogs, raised right here at our shop!


Free Extras available (your choice at checkout):

  • Pork Soup bones: approx 2-3 lbs (lots of meat, perfect for broth)
  • Pork Lard (Rendered pork fat, great for baking, frying, or hand lotion)

40 lb Farmers Favorite: Vaccine Free, Woods Raised Pork

  • Contains the following items:

    • 4 lbs of our own Nitrite-Free Bacon
    • 4 Roasts: Bone-in 2-3 lb (Boston Butt or Picnic)
    • 8 Bone-in Pork Chops (cut 3/4" thick)
    • 8 lbs of Rope Sausage (Natural Hog Casing)
    • 8 lbs of Breakfast Sausage Links (Beef collagen casing)
    • 4-6 lbs of Nitrite-Free Chipped Ham (fully cooked, excellent for cold or hot sandwiches)
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