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Our 20 lb Freezer Teezer doubles the deliciousness of the 10 lb Sampler, but will still easily fit in a standard refrigerator freezer! 


These are our own Vaccine Free, Woods Raised, Non-Gmo Grain Fed, Heritage Breed hogs.

Their feed is grown and mixed in Lititz, PA!


The quality of the fat in this pork is outstanding. (Derek's favorite, see our instagram page for videos)


The Pork Chops stay juicy, and the bacon is worth fighting over:)


And the more you order at one time, the more savings you will receive.

(See our 40 lb box for our lowest price per pound.)

20 lb Freezer Teezer: Vaccine Free, Woods Raised Pork

  • Contains the following items:

    • 2 lb of our own Nitrite-Free Bacon
    • 2 Roasts: Bone-in 2-3 lb (Boston Butt or Picnic)
    • 4 Bone-in Pork Chops (cut 3/4" thick)
    • 4 lbs of Rope Sausage (Natural Hog Casing)
    • 4 lbs of Breakfast Sausage Links (Beef collagen casing)
    • 2-4 lbs of Nitrite-Free Chipped Ham (fully cooked, excellent for cold or hot sandwiches)
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