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Woods Raised, Non-Gmo Fed, Heritage Breed Pork

Non-Gmo Fed Heritage Hogs: Woods Raised

Comments:  Highest Quality available. Raised at our shop, these hogs graze under the walnut and persimmon trees that grow there!

This is what we eat:)

Availability: Place orders now for May 13th, 2023 pickup. (these are VERY popular, and sell out quickly)

Note: The Spring (May) group is "Woods Finished". Due to our Pennsylvania climate, these hogs are barn raised on deep litter most of the winter, then allowed a month or two in the woods leading up to butcher date. This is the only way we can keep up with demand for this amazing pork!

Feed Type: Non-Gmo Hog Ration grown in Lancaster, Pa. Contains corn and soy..



  1. Antibiotic/Hormone Free.

  2. Our animals are raised in the woods, under walnut and persimmon trees (among other PA natives) resulting in meat that is rich in flavor and nutrients.

  3. There are natural springs on our farm that form mud puddles for these hogs to wallow, allowing them to express natural wallowing behavior, which helps them cool off, and protects them from insects This results in happier/healthier animals and a healthier food for local families.

  4. We post videos of these ALOT on social media


Breed: Large Black/Tamworth/Red Wattle/Old Spot

This was our Fall 2022 woods raised group. We do not use ANY stock animal photo's on our website.
- Derek

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